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Author: Donatas Kairys


Donatas Kairys serves as President/CIO for LoadSys Solutions. Expert in prototyping custom solutions, deep knowledge of IoT technologies and best practices. Senior React, React Native, and NodeJS developer.

CakePHP Comment Plugin

The goal of every programmer is to write as little code as possible.  It can only be achieved by re-using code that you already wrote.  That is why we all use CakePHP in the first place right?  Fortunately, cake allows us to create plug-ins that we could just drop in...

CakePHP RSS Feed Datasource

We are releasing our RSS datasource to CakePHP developers for CakePHP Development.  We know there are others out there, but what we like about ours is that it supports the following: Built-in Pagination Sorting Content filtering Download rss_source.php here Steps to...