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Before LoadSys

Josie had a very skilled support team before coming to LoadSys – however she faced challenges with a couple of items outside of the team’s control. Being in the Eastern time zone, Josie struggled to efficiently communicate with her team which was scattered across the U.S. and a few other countries.  In addition, there were sometimes language barriers which added additional inefficiencies.  On top of these items, Josie’s site had bottlenecks that would cause the site to crash in high traffic scenarios, such as when the company was featured in articles or on television.

Our Relationship

Josie reached out to us in September 2011, hoping to find a solution to her situation.  LoadSys took over support for in October. Josie now has a dedicated two person team that includes a Project Lead/ Developer and an additional developer. All LoadSys team members reside in the United States and, in this case, both LoadSys team members assigned to Josie live in the Central time zone, allowing us to provide continuous communication on collaborative tasks. This saved a large amount of wasted time and money on delayed response times.

After working with Josie for a couple of months, we decided to solve the single server bottleneck issue her website faced.  We worked with our contract server administrator to migrate Josie to a provider that could provide a web cluster solution. With this setup, Josie can now add more web servers as necessary if traffic is projected to rise.

LoadSys collaborates with Josie regularly on a monthly basis, and she assigns priorities to us each month based on her current need. Since working with Josie, we have not only resolved numerous bugs, but have completed some exciting new features, including:


  • Site design overhaul
  • Mobile-friendly site to work with tablets and mobile devices
  • Dress value calculator
  • Paypal payments
  • Saved searches
  • Private message threads between sellers and potential buyers
  • Discount program for high volume listers
  • Enhanced dress searching
  • Dress photo uploader with resizing / rotating
  • Fake / Spam listing detection system
Josie Daga

Josie Daga


I’ve been a client of Loadsys’ for many years. Their honesty, transparency and dedication to our business, coupled with their superior CakePHP capabilities makes them an outstanding partner.

Josie Daga, Founder –

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