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Case Study  |  Application Development

Gone are the days when users had to contact electric companies to discover their rates, and negotiate a better deal on their own. Today, Vault Electricity does all the work for them, handling the entire process of finding the best Texas electricity rates and plans from providers that have a pedigree of business stability, customer service, eco-friendliness, and financial transparency. This allows customers to shop for electricity in just a few minutes, right from their computer.

Client: VAULT Electricity

Project: Application development

Budget:  $100,000 to $500,000

Year: 2018

Before LoadSys

Vault Electricity had difficulties with a prior development firm that lacked communication, capacity and quality assurance. After numerous discussions between Loadsys and Vault, we felt that we would make a good collaborative team to continue on the new enrollment portal for their customers to quickly and easily register for competitive energy services in the state of Texas.

Our Relationship

Loadsys’ initial focus was to clean up code to make it more modular, reusable, clean and bug free. With the idea that Vault offers plans for many different energy service providers in Texas, this was key before moving forward. Since then we have implemented 3 new service providers and have added numerous features to improve the enrollment flow for the customer and improve the overall user experience. In addition, we have created a more appealing design for this enrollment process. We plan to continue on implementing more and more providers based on Vault’s need. Lastly, we migrated the entire enrollment system to Amazon Web Services, giving Vault the ability to leverage cloud services which offers many benefits such as scalability and reliability.




  • Elevation to LoadSys quality standards
  • Code modularity for easier implementation of new service providers
  • Migration to Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • Improved customer interface
  • Improved enrollment flow
  • Fixes to salesforce integration
  • Automations
  • Implementation of numerous energy providers
  • Implementation of universal address checker

We really appreciate their communication and responsiveness. It was a refreshing change for us.

Jason Thomas – CEO, Vault Energy Solutions

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