CakePHP Development

CakePHP 3, Use It In Pieces

One of the key goals of CakePHP 3 as discussed recently was making CakePHP 3 more decoupled. CakePHP 3 has achieved that goal very nicely. Take a look at the CakePHP organization’s repos on GitHub and you will find a long list of decoupled collections of classes that are all part of the overall CakePHP […]

Introduction to CakePHP 3

CakePHP 3.0 is currently in the second Beta, so today we will go over the goals of CakePHP 3.0, some of the major changes and how you should start using it. Goals of CakePHP 3 What are the goals of CakePHP 3? This is actually the easiest question to answer. The Cake core team provided […]

Should your new CakePHP feature be a Plugin?

If you are working with a CakePHP application and you’re about to add a new “feature,” you may be considering making it a Plugin. There are a lot of benefits to Cake plugins, including containing the feature all in one place and making it reusable between projects. However, they aren’t always the right tool for […]

CakePHP 1.3 and Forward-Compatible Unit Tests

If you want to write unit tests against a 1.3 CakePHP application (and you should want to write unit tests), using this TestCase class and Mockery will let you use forward-compatible PHPUnit-style assertions by temporarily translating them to SimpleTest assertions. The benefit being that your tests will break less when upgrading the project to Cake […]

CakePHP Ember Skeleton

The landscape of web application development is constantly changing. New technologies pop up all around, and “definition” of a modern web application becomes more and more complex. Ember.js is one of these new technologies. It is a rich front end application framework for developing ambitious web applications. Ember borrows many core ideas from desktop frameworks […]

CakePHP 2.0 and Twitter Bootstrap

The Twitter Bootstrap css library is a great starting point for putting together nice looking web apps. We’ve found it very useful for building wireframes quickly. Giving clients something they can actually use and click on in a web browser is wonderful. The bootstrap has many different UI elements that can be combined to build […]