DevOps and Cloud Management

DevOps and Cloud Management

Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Amazon Web Services

LoadSys Solutions offers application lifecycle management using many different tools and utilities.  As most people migrate to cloud services, we strive to provide solutions that make deployment and updating of code and infrastructure seem like a simple task.  The complexities of maintaining a large infrastructure are now simplified, bug-free, and secure with many 3rd party services and tools provided by the cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Hosting

Our primary cloud provider of choice is Amazon Web Services (AWS).  With AWS we can easily adjust infrastructure capacity with ease by either adding additional resources or increasing computing power.  This can also be done dynamically based on infrastructure load.  Backup and Recovery is also simplified.  Using AWS Backup, we can easily automate backups of all resources/assets and recovery is a simple process.

Infrastructure as Code

Terraform is a tool we use that can deploy infrastructure and services to cloud services based on configuration files.   With the configuration files, Terraform is able to create an execution plan to create items such as Domain configuration, DNS entries, Load Balancers, Server Instances, and databases without having to do so manually.   This removes a lot of the human error and extreme documentation on how an infrastructure is built.

Continuous Integration

Circle CI allows us to more easily test and deploy code.  At Loadsys we use GitHub for our code repositories.  Circle CI can integrate with GitHub, automatically run unit tests when code is committed, notify you if issues are found with new code entering the application, and even deploy successful code to cloud services using what is called a pipeline.  This too removes a lot of human error.

Case Studies

A Few Recent React Native Development Examples Include:


Smart Field Forms

An app that integrates into the Smart Field Forms architecture to allow for field service employees to enter and submit data while perform specific services in the field digitally and remotely.

Why Us?

LoadSys is a Chicago-based web development company that specializes in custom applications development and support.

We work with small to medium businesses and organizations, using advanced technologies and frameworks like CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, NodeJS or Laravel to name a few.

Since 2007 we’ve helped hundreds of companies from Manufacturing, Logistics, Education, E-Commerce and Insurance industries develop solutions that save them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Our Proven Process

It’s one thing to have high-calibre developers and project managers to take on your project. It is quite another to have a well-established agile and efficient process born out of combined decades of experience. Here is our time-tested web development process proven by continued success and client satisfaction.

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