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Sales Contractor

Position: Open     |      Location: Remote


Role & Responsibilities

Note: This is a part-time / flex-time position

We expect that a successful sales contractor will have proof of prior experience in selling custom software solutions, services, and technologies to key decision makers (C-Suite, VP, Directors, IT managers) for enterprise clients in at least one of our core verticals: manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, and education. While a degree in computer science is not required to apply for this job, an understanding of software development fundamentals and processes and the latest technologies and market trends is a must.




  • Knowledge of software development processes
  • Provable experience in selling software solutions
  • Ability to forecast and deliver sales results monthly and quarterly
  • Excellent communication and English-speaking skills
  • Ability to create and execute successful sales campaigns
  • Ability to create new warm leads for our executive team to close
  • Knowledge of standard business applications and tools

Bonus Industry Experience:

  • Fintech
  • Blockchain (cryptocurrency or other)


Flexible Agreement

We are looking for a well connected and motivated individual that knows they can bring in warm leads with a good percentage of closing.  This would be a contract sales position that would involve bringing in leads rather than managing all facets of the sales cycle, including closing.  We are open to discussing compensation arrangements that suit the needs of both parties so that we each have successful and profitable results.