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Author: leeforkenbrock


Lee serves as CEO and lead project manager for LoadSys Solutions. With a proven record of success in programming, database administration, and project management, and specialties in PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, Oracle, SQL, Linux and AWS, Lee helps clients across multiple industries on a variety of software development projects.

10 Common Myths about Blockchain

10 Common Myths about BlockchainBlockchain is one of the biggest topics of interest in the tech and business industries today. This technology offers an ingenious way of recording digital transactions.Thanks to its transparent, immutable, auditable, and efficient...

What Does the Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade Do?

What Does the Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade Do?Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency and was the first with smart contract functionality. The ease of creating smart contracts has led to Ethereum enjoying widespread use for DeFi platforms and NFT trading. However, the Ethereum...