Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services will deliver a unified data view from data pulled from various structured or unstructured data sources. Either you have paper forms, data in databases, CSV, or a mass amount of IoT data coming in, it will be all processed, transformed, and stored in a unified structure for Business Intelligence and other Analytics.

Cloud Infrastructure For Processing Data Streams

We will setup cloud infrastructure for data collection and storing. Based on the data source and processing requirements, we will setup data streams for real-time processing or batched processing to transform the data in predefined intervals.

Data Lake

We will setup a data lake for storing and accessing structured or unstructured data for processing and transforming data. 

Data Extraction

We will setup data extraction methods from any media or complexity. For paper forms, we will use AI based tools to extract relevant data. For IoT, we will setup Edge-To-Cloud gateways to securely send data to the cloud. For field data or inspections, we will setup digital forms to collect the data and stream it to the cloud.

Data Transformation

For data to be used in a meaningful way, the raw data needs to be transformed into a unified structure to be used with Business Intelligence or any other analytics tools. We will setup transformation algorithms so the data could be used by analytics tools.

IoT Data Streams

We will setup Edge-To-Cloud gateways to collect data from physical devices via Modbus, Canbus, Profibus, and others as supported by hardware. IoT could be streamed to the cloud for real-time processing.

Custom Data Collection

We will setup digital forms for the web or mobile apps to allow on-site data collection with offline capabilities.