A Team of 8 CakePHP Development Experts

We Are...

Loadsys Web Strategies, a CakePHP development company specializing in Web design and applications using the CakePHP framework. We strive to rapidly build quality web applications within budget.

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What Loadsys Has to Offer

  • We rapidly build web apps in CakePHP
  • We consult other teams on their CakePHP projects
  • We can support your existing CakePHP app
  • With enterprise experience, we can be your CTO
  • We can advise you on SEO and site marketing
  • We can advise you on online social networking
  • We deploy Magento e-commerce sites
  • We deploy custom sites on Wordpress
  • We contribute CakePHP code to the community

Why Loadsys Using CakePHP Helps You?

  • Faster Development
  • Well-structured code
  • Programming logic separate from design
  • Less new developer "Getting Familiar" time
  • Built-in utilities and helpers (no wheel re-inventing)
  • Large and enthusiastic developer base



Should your new CakePHP feature be a Plugin?

If you are working with a CakePHP application and you're about to add a new "feature," you may be considering making it a Plugin. There are a lot of benefits to Cake plugins, including containing the feature all in one place and making it reusable between projects. However, they aren't always the right tool for the job.


CakePHP 1.3 and Forward-Compatible Unit Tests

If you want to write unit tests against a 1.3 CakePHP application (and you should want to write unit tests), using this TestCase class and Mockery will let you use forward-compatible PHPUnit-style assertions by temporarily translating them to SimpleTest assertions. The benefit being that your tests will break less when upgrading the project to Cake 2.x.


CakePHP Ember Skeleton

CakePHP-Ember-Skel is a starting point for CakePHP developers to use Ember.js without having to spend a ton of time setting up the build process. This skeleton should get you up and running quickly, and includes all the files necessary to do so.



We found Loadsys Consulting because we were looking specifically for development firms experienced with CakePHP. We hired them with a very specific plan of what we wanted and very high expectations. The team at Loadsys exceeded our expectations, suggested great ideas that we wouldn't have thought of and made our plan a reality.

—Drew Mohebbi, President of NeoWave Media (TripHip.com)

In my many years working with technology firms, I can honestly say that the LoadSys team is one of the best. These guys wrapped their arms around our project, cleaned up the existing code they inherited, and worked tirelessly to launch our site. They have earned their spot on our long term team.

—President, Online Newsletter Site

I was updating our website and enjoying how incredibly easy it is, when I figured I should tell you (and your team) once again.I love, love, love the new site. Thanks for doing such a great job!

— Amanda Grant
Development Director
Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice

We discovered Loadsys Consulting through a recommendation and found them to be extremely easy to work with. From conceptualization through launch, they listened to us and created a superb website for a company that never had a website before. We are very pleased with the website and feel lucky to have found Loadsys.

—Mike and Joanie Kwiatkowski
Divorce Planning Partners