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Chicago IT consulting company that specializes in data services and digital transformation.

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All services are specifically design to match customer needs.

Data Services

Data warehousing, unification, democratization services. ML/AI consulting, design, and integration.

Business Process Automation

Increase performance and eliminate errors by automating business processes.

Platform Integrations

SAP Solutions and Salesforce integrations with internal or third-party solutions.

Application Development

From a web or a mobile application to an IoT project. We've got you covered!

Helping Businesses Succeed Since 2004

Why Clients Love Us

We are not another IT consulting company. Establishing long-term relationships with clients gives us a unique edge. Rather than just being an outside consultant, we become a long term partner in a business and IT strategy vested in the success of our solutions.

400+ Satisfied Clients

Loadsys Solutions is flexible and reasonable, and the quality of their work is sky-high.”

Christos Tulumba

Founder, CEO, A07 Online Media LLC

The tools they’ve built for us have allowed us to grow quite a lot.”

Program Director

Stanford University

The expertise and knowledge brought in by Loadsys have been extremely important for us.”

Josie Daga


We are Certified

Agile Product Development Methodology

LoadSys utilizes Agile methodology for digital product development that emphasizes flexibility, rapid iteration, and frequent delivery of working products. It is particularly well-suited to projects where requirements are likely to change or where the final product is difficult to define upfront.


Why Data-Centric Architecture is Important for Your Organization

Why Data-Centric Architecture is Important for Your Organization

Data is essential in today's digital economy, enabling companies to make informed decisions and drive growth. A data-centric architecture is therefore necessary if businesses hope to remain competitive and thrive. This blog post examines data-centric architecture, its...

Business Process Automation with ChatGPT

Business Process Automation with ChatGPT

As a powerful language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT has the potential to significantly improve task automation for businesses. By automating routine tasks, businesses can free up time for employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks. Here...

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