Look no further than Google Trends to discover Laravel’s continued popularity among developers (https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&q=laravel). From Laravel forums to Laravel podcasts, this popular PHP programming framework is everywhere. It’s no wonder an increasing number of developers are wanting to increase their skills in order to capitalize on this popular framework. If you too want to hone your Laravel talents, building yourself a powerful resource list of tools is a must. Check out the following collection of resources for Laravel coders to see which ones you can incorporate into your code development career.

Laravel Shift

If you want to upgrade your current version of Laravel without worrying about doing it yourself, add Laravel Shift to your developer’s toolbox. Their handy service will automatically upgrade you to the latest version of Laravel so you can get on with your coding. Laravel Shift also offers Laravel application reviews, perfect for those new to Laravel or who want to ensure their code is as stellar for clients as possible.


If you are a Laravel programmer who wants to build your client list, add LaraJobs to your resource list. LaraJobs lets you search for Laravel jobs for companies wanting in-house employees as well as remote workers. Find everything from engineering roles at up-and-coming startups to programming jobs at international scientific research labs. From senior Laravel developer roles to web application leads, there is a multitude of awesome opportunities waiting to be discovered on LaraJobs. Be sure to add this handy site to your bookmark toolbar as you’ll likely be visiting it on a frequent basis.


Laracasts is another must-use tool for Laravel developers who want to upgrade their skills. Available from Jeffrey Way, Laracasts can help teach you everything from learning Laravel from scratch to building forums or how to complete authentication procedures. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced learning sessions, and you can learn techniques one episode at a time or complete a series of related lessons. Whether you want to build your first app using Laravel or learn more about caching in Laravel, this powerful resource has the knowledge you seek. Be careful discovering Laracasts, as you might end up feeling like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of Laravel wisdom.


LaraChat is another one of those resources no Laravel developer should be without. Imagine being able to chat with other Laravel programmers in real time while you’re coding and you’ll understand why LaraChat on Slack is so popular. Leave messages on Slack or participate in live-chat sessions with other Laravel users. With over 20,000 global users, you’ll never have a problem connecting with other developers who can help you hone your skills. LaraChat has a number of popular Slack channels including announcements, Laravel packages, Laravel questions, Laravel testing, and Laravel tools. You can use this phenomenal resource to chat about Laravel 4 and Laravel 5 or follow breaking Laravel news via handy RSS feeds. As with Laracasts, you need to use caution perusing LaraChat or you may find yourself chatting instead of coding on client projects.

Laravel Meetups

Not all of your Laravel networking needs to be done online. Thanks to Meetup, you can now discover Laravel networking events near your location. With over 68,000 members and meetings in over 250 locations, there is a good chance you can connect with Laravel users in your area. From Istanbul and Santa Monica to Lagos and Mexico City, you will find a wide variety of meeting opportunities when you dig into Meetup. View networking opportunities by location or by topic of discussion, e.g. open source, application development, framework.

The more effort you put into building your Laravel resource list, the likelier it is you will become an in-demand developer who can command top rates from clients. Dive into each of these resources to see which ones can help you up your Laravel programming game. Chances are good you’ll wish you had discovered some of these fabulous finds sooner.