Digital Transformation Solutions Company

We are a Chicago IT consulting company providing digital transformation and custom software and integrations solutions helping organizations to unify and democratize data.

Our Services

A High Standard For Custom Software Development

200+ complex business cases solved!

At LoadSys, we adopt the newest technology solutions and have the most talented and skillful people that create custom software for customers like you. We work by using Agile methodology and are capable of accepting and rising up to the most difficult challenges. Our process is clear, transparent and collaborative. You are always in the know of what is going on with your project at any stage or time.

Digital Transformation Consulting and Implementation

We provide digital transformation consulting and implementation services for organizations of all sizes. We will build and implement a digital transformation strategy for ingesting and transforming data from various sources, including IoT and APIs, and storing it in a data warehouse. We set up an automation strategy for organizations to take an action on their data.

Hyperautomation through Digital Transformation

We will create a custom data integration and intelligent automation solution for your organization by aggregating data from different sources into data warehouses and creating intelligent automated decision making processes.


Digital Transformation Challenges | Employee Pushback

When an organization decides to begin the process of a digital transformation, they need to prepare for a variety of challenges that could cause problems. Making significant changes to the way a company operates is always going to be difficult, which is why it is so...

Custom Edge-to-Cloud solutions: Own your data!

Edge-to-Cloud solutions allow collecting data at a physical location or equipment, process it, store it, or transform it at the location and send it over to the cloud for further processing, permanent storage, and reporting. Edge Devices are IoT devices deployed at a...