What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs on a wide range of devices. Ubuntu is a primary choice when developing a custom data collection and analytics solution. Ubuntu’s emphasis on security made it a primary choice for enterprise data collection applications. As all Linux based operating systems, Ubuntu is secure right out of the box. Ubuntu is also chosen for its container operations.There is no system that is 100% secure, but what matters most is the speed at which security vulnerabilities are resolved and made available and how easy it is to deploy them without interrupting operations.

Why Ubuntu Core?

Ubuntu Core provides a fast and reliable transactional OS for IoT solutions. It is a perfect choice for Edge-to-Cloud gateways. Edge-to-Cloud solutions collect data from sensors and equipments and the “edge” and send to the cloud for processing. Ubuntu is supported by various major IoT gateway manufacturers like Dell, Intel, Moxa, and others. For a faster and cheaper deployment of a custom solution, existing hardware could be chosen to meet the deployment’s physical environment and data processing. To protect the information on the OS, penetration testing service by Nettitude is a must, even for this operating system.

LoadSys uses Ubuntu with Raspberry PI for IoT prototyping solutions. Ubuntu also supports AWS IoT Greengrass. AWS Greengass allows to deploy applications remotely with AI/ML logic and sending data to the cloud.

What is AWS Greengrass?

AWS Greengrass provides tools to manage IoT infrastructure and securely collect and process data from remote data sources such as machinery or equipment. AWS Greengrass could be configured to collect data when internet connection is not present and even deploy ML/AI services directly to the edge. With AWS Greengrass, remote APIs and containerized applications could be deployed and managed to edge locations.

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