Edge-to-Cloud solutions allow collecting data at a physical location or equipment, process it, store it, or transform it at the location and send it over to the cloud for further processing, permanent storage, and reporting. Edge Devices are IoT devices deployed at a physical location for data collection. Edge Devices usually have MODBUS, CANBUS and other interfaces for collecting data from various equipment, vehicles or sensors. Edge Computing refers to processing data and responding to data at the physical location where the data is collected before it is sent out to the cloud.

There are various SaaS services that make our lives easier. There are SaaS from complex Cloud SCADA services to digital forms for data collection. Most services provide instant functionality, reports and graphs of collected data. This is all great and very convenient.

There is one problem with this approach: customers do not own their data! All data collected belongs to the SaaS service. Once the SaaS service collects enough data, they will analyze and sell it back to companies at a big premium. The service providers will build Machine Learning algorithms and sell them as a service.

We have been approach by companies that have heard of machine learning and they are ready to deploy a solution. They encounter one problem: they do not have any data yet. Without millions of records of data, it is impossible to develop and train any ML algorithms.

It is very important to start collecting and storing data in a digital format as soon as possible. The format does not matter much. It could be simple text, CSV, XML, JSON, PDF, Doc, Xls, image, … As long as there are many many records, eventually you will be able to analyze it and build ML/AI algorithms against it and take your business to a new level.

Currently, when setting up data lakes, almost any format of data could be stored for processing. The tools for processing and understanding data are getting better and better, but unless a company has troves of data, they will not be able to take advantage of the digital transformation and will rely on 3rd party services to tell what is best for them.

How LoadSys Solutions can help?

LoadSys can help you get setup up with Cloud Storage and provide an ability to collect data for any type of equipment. We can collect data from your machinery, equipment, environment and even provide digital inspection and mobile form solutions fully integrated into your business.

Please contact LoadSys Solutions for a free consultation on how to start collecting your data and get ready for digital transformation.