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Node.js is a powerful and versatile open-source runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript on both the front-end and back-end of web applications.

Server-side web applications

Node.js is particularly well-suited for building server-side web applications. It allows developers to build fast and scalable applications that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections. Node.js is used by companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, and PayPal to power their web applications.


Node.js is often used to build microservices, which are small, independent services that can be deployed and scaled separately from the rest of the application. Node.js provides a lightweight and efficient platform for building microservices that can communicate with each other over a network.

Real-time applications

Node.js is ideal for building real-time applications such as chat applications, online gaming platforms, and streaming services. Its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O make it well-suited for applications that require high performance and low latency.

AWS Lambda development

WS Lambda is a serverless computing service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows developers to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Node.js is one of the most popular programming languages for developing AWS Lambda functions, due to its speed, scalability, and ease of use. Node.js is often used to build serverless applications that can scale quickly and handle high volumes of traffic.

Agile Product Development Methodology

LoadSys utilizes Agile methodology for digital product development that emphasizes flexibility, rapid iteration, and frequent delivery of working products. It is particularly well-suited to projects where requirements are likely to change or where the final product is difficult to define upfront.

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