Case Studies

YRZ Enterprises

Asset Metrics Hub

All enterprise asset management solutions are very complex and require special training and specialized expertise to setup and integrate into an organization. The existing solutions do not provide out of the box integrations with IoT data collection. Implementation time varied from 1-2 years.

The Solution

LoadSys developed an enterprise solution for physical asset management that has prebuilt data collection and maintenance models for various asset classes and developed a framework for connecting equipment monitoring sensors with abilities to process thousands of data points per second. The intelligent data processing was architected to draw actionable insights and automated maintenance procedures. The expected implementation timeline is cut to 3 months.


AWS SAM, AWS Lamba, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Kinesis, AWS SNS/SQS, MQTT, AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, AWS Quicksight, AWS CloudSearch, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, TypeORM, React MUI, ML/AI for predictive analytics

Stanford University

Centralized Pay System Across Multiple Department Units

Stanford has many departments within the University. These departs include Technology, Engineering, Education, HR, Admissions, etc. Just to name a few. Stanford’s accounting for each department is a separate logical unit. Each department does financial transactions which involves receiving payments that originally went through the University and had to manually be recorded based on what department the transaction pertained to.

The Solution

LoadSys developed an ePay platform that also integrates with Stanford’s SSO (single sign on) platform so that users can authenticate with their existing university logins. The platform allows departments to receive payment and in turn the finances are logically separated by department.


CakePHP 4, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloud Formation

A07 Online

Platform for selling used wedding dresses and accessories

While LoadSys built the original platform for POWD, it was limited to collecting listing fees only. A07 had the vision to create a fully custom seller system where seller’s could manage their listings, but the front-end e-commerce portion would be handled by Shopify, a hosted e-commerce solution. In addition, they wanted to be able to collect a percentage of the sale of the dress and not just a listing fee. Unfortunately the old system would not make that change easy.

The Solution

LoadSys built a custom platform for vendors that communicates with a Shopify front-end bi-directionally. Listings are sent to Shopify via their API and when actions happen to products such as a sale, that information is sent back to the seller platform. The system also integrates with Shippo for shipping labels and Comet Chat for a full seller to buyer communication system.


CakePHP 4, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloud Formation

Searing Industries

Product QA/specs data capture

Searing manufactures steel tube and pipe. The product is sent to customers with spec sheets. The problem is that too many customers were losing these sheets and would call Searing requesting either a new sheet or the data, which was a manual process.

The Solution

Searing purchased a clever machine that could print QR codes onto steel. With this in mind, LoadSys built a platform for Searing to enter all of the spec data for orders. A mobile application was then built so that customers could pull up the spec data at any time with a simple scan of the QR code.


React Native, React, Node.js, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda

All Star Delivery, Inc

Warehousing and Logistics Platform

All Star was taking on new, larger clients that were very demanding and had a large number of food products and brands that they were warehousing. The current software platform they were using was simplistic and manual. Products were entered manually by employees. With 10s of thousands of products across hundreds of brands being entered, this was just not physically possible to maintain.

The Solution

LoadSys developed a new platform with a great deal of automation. The new system would allow clients to ship products for warehousing to All Star and then issue orders to be ship to their clients. The platform tracked all food recalls and automatically filled orders based on product lot availability and expiration dates.


AWS Cloud EC2, PHP, CakePHP, NodeJS, ReactJS, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway


Multiple Ongoing Software Projects

Engage is a custom software development company that takes on some large and exciting projects, typically in the government sector. Often times they need resources quickly where hiring a new developer or project manager is not cost effective.

The Solution

LoadSys and Engage have been in a strategic partnership since 2007. Currently we support and manage around 7 projects for Engage providing ongoing support and new development for their clients. Having a trusting partner, Engage considers our relationship a big win for them and their clients.


Laravel, WordPress, WP Engine, Salesforce, Fonteva

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