Custom CMMS Platform


Save tens of thousands and deploy within days. Save hundreds of hours on training.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a world-class, fully customizable, reliability platform for managing assets and work orders. Track asset maintenance KPIs such as MTTR,  MTTF, MTBM, MDT, and others. Instantly see assets that are underperforming and analyze underlying reason for underperformance. Identify asset failure modes. ML/AI based anomaly detection and notification. Custom equipment maintenance procedures and checklists.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Solution enables you to create custom inspection checklists, schedule preventive maintenance events, create work orders, and delegate work to field teams. Asset Criticality Score provides automated work order prioritization. Geographical Information System (GIS) integration allows to place asset locations and boundaries on a map. Track maintenance costs per asset or per asset location. 

Work Order Management

The Work Order Management Solution manages planning, scheduling, and execution stages of work orders. It allows to create work orders and dispatch them to your teams in the field. Our mobile app is designed to support teams that work in remote areas where connectivity is not always guaranteed. All work order activity generated during an offline session is automatically synchronized once connectivity is restored. This ensures that you can track the status of work orders without significant manual intervention. 

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance for regularly maintained and inspected assets to prevent the likelihood of failure and extend the lifetime of an asset. Time-based preventive maintenance is the most common. An inspection and maintenance are performed at regular intervals as recommended per manufacturer or best practices. Use the preventive maintenance solution to schedule automated tasks for asset maintenance and inspections. Trigger work order and alerts based on calendar schedule or asset metrics. Feed asset metrics to the AI/ML engine to detect data anomalies and predict future values.

GIS (Geographical Information System)

Plot points and boundaries on interactive maps to track the geographic locations of assets and work orders. Group map features into layers.

Failure Modes & Reporting

Configure and track asset failure modes. Gain insight into most common failures and perform root cause analysis.

QR Code Tagging

Generate QR Codes for your assets and work orders. Print QR Code stickers and place them on equipment. Instantly access the resource through the mobile applications.


Integrate the CMMS with your existing on-premise or cloud system. The CMMS provides a full API for sending and retrieving data. For closed, behind the firewall environments, edge-to-cloud solution will allow access to send data to the cloud.

Customizable Alerts

Replace any paper form or checklist with digital counterparts. Customize workflows and notifications. Send the collected data directly to a DCI Platform for analytics.

Time and Cost Tracking

Track time and costs per asset, task, or work order. Run report maintenance costs per location, asset, and work order. Identify underperforming assets.

Custom Inspection and Maintenance Procedures

Digitize inspection and maintenance procedures. Replace any paper form or checklist with digital counterparts. Customize workflows and notifications. 

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