Digital Transformation Services

Every organization needs to manage and make sense of large amounts of data generated from various sources. LoadSys will help your organization take control of your data. We will build and implement a digital transformation strategy to fit your infrastructure and needs.

Data Extraction

We will setup data extraction methods from any media or complexity. For paper forms, we will use AI based tools to extract relevant data. For IoT, we will setup Edge-To-Cloud gateways to securely send data to the cloud. For field data or inspections, we will setup digital forms to collect the data and stream it to the cloud.

IoT Data Streams

We will setup Edge-To-Cloud gateways to collect data from physical devices via Modbus, Canbus, Profibus, and others as supported by hardware. IoT could be streamed to the cloud for real-time processing.

Data Lake and Warehousing

We will setup a data lake for storing and accessing structured or unstructured data for processing and transforming data. We will setup processes for transforming data and storing in a data warehouse.

Data Collection and Transformation

We will setup data collection and transformation models capable of processing tens of thousands of points per second. The ingested and transformed data will be stored in a data warehouse for ML/AI models to consume.

Events and Automation

We will setup triggers for the events based on the real-time data coming in or time-based metrics and transforms. We will setup streams and hooks to integrate with your existing application to take action on the events.

ML/AI Integration

We will develop custom or deploy your existing ML/AI algorithms to gain insights and generate events on the collected data.


DCI Platform

With our customizable no-code Data Collection & Integration Platform (DCI), setup for data collection and transformation quickly and efficiently.

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