Industrial IoT Solutions

We help industrial companies collect, process and make sense of the data regardless of source. We build and deploy customized IoT solutions that help optimize performance and uncover new values to your operations.


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Data Collection

We have built a platform for IoT data collection that can be deployed and integrated with your existing devices infrastructure. After we connect your hardware to a single network, our platform will read, collect and store your structured or unstructured data in a digital data warehouse for future processing.

This first step is the most critical because it provides a foundation for the next steps – data processing and integration.

Data Processing

After your data is collected, our platform will process it according to your industry-specific requirements or business needs. We can take raw, unstructured data and make sense out of it in any way you would like to have it processed.

Data Integration

Processed data can be integrated with your internal infrastructure or any of external platforms your business would like to use. For example, integration can help optimize Asset and Production management, as you will have all your machines sensors readings structured, processed and visualized in a graph or any other method you want it displayed. Your teams can read the parameters and react to the events much more effectively than before integration.


Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of the connected IoT devices and networks is an ability to see all the data you need anytime, from anywhere. Remote monitoring functionality is a powerful and one of the most critical tools for a modern industrial company today.

Integrated Cloud Infrastructure

All of the data we collect we store on the cloud, which helps us easily integrate it with other cloud solutions. Also it provides safe and secure storage versus traditional methods. We offer industry grade solutions to connect, integrate and share data between your devices instantly and secure.

Predictive Asset Management

Every industrial company has assets that need to be tracked, inspected or maintained in some way. Our platform takes these tasks and put them at the next level by implementing predictive analytic algorithms. This approach gives you ability to see you that some of your assets need more attention than others before something happens.  

Advanced Automation

Advanced automation implementation allows to speed up your operations processes and eliminate additional work by automating repeatable processes. Talk to our team to find out more how we can help your organization achieve more and save time.

Smart Data Collection

Our smart data collection tool allows your field inspection teams collect information using all traditional methods like drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, capture multiple signatures, take photos and draw on them, as well as use built-in OCR (optical character recognition), QR and Barcode scanners. 

Predictive Maintenance

The main advantage of predictive maintenance is an ability of convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, and to prevent unexpected equipment failures. It differs from preventive maintenance because it relies on the actual condition of equipment, rather than average or expected life statistics, to predict when maintenance will be required.

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