React Native Development

React Native Development is a key arsenal for our creation of mobile applications for our customers.

React Native is a great way to build mobile applications for multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, with a single code base. Created and supported by Facebook, React Native will be maintained consistently by a great financial backer. Gone are the days of needing both a Java Developer and an Objective C developer, instead you only need React Native Developers.

However, even if you need to leverage native features, React Native still allows us to create native modules if necessary. LoadSys has built small scale mobile apps all the way to enterprise level mobile apps using React Native.

Mobile App Consulting

Our React Native app development teams offer inital mobile app consulting services. We will get familiar with your project goals and offer a solution following best industry accepted practices.

Mobile App Development

After learning about your project, we will build a mobile app for Android and iOS that supports your vision and target audience.

React Native App Support

If your business already has a React Native App, we can help upgrading it and maintaining it. If you have an app build for each Android and iOS platform, we can rebuild the app with React Native with a single code base and minimize your maintenance costs.

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