We are releasing our RSS datasource to CakePHP developers for CakePHP Development.  We know there are others out there, but what we like about ours is that it supports the following:

  • Built-in Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Content filtering

Download rss_source.php here

Steps to using this datasource:

  • Copy rss_source.php to models/datasources
  • Create config for a feed in config/database.php
var $googleNews = array(
'datasource' => 'rss',
'feedUrl' => 'http://news.google.com/news?pz=1&ned=us&hl=en&output=rss',
'encoding' => 'UTF-8',
'cacheTime' => '+1 day',
  • Create model for the feed
<?php class GoogleNews extends AppModel {
        var $useTable = false;
         var $useDbConfig = 'googleNews';
  • In a controller just do $this->GoogleNews->find(‘all’) or even use paginate. Conditions are specified as regular expressions.
class NewsController extends AppController {
        var $name = 'News';
        var $uses = array('GoogleNews');

        function index() {
                $this->paginate = array(
                        'limit' => 2,
                        'conditions' => array(
                                'title' => '/(Obama)+/',
                        'order' => array(
                                'GoogleNews.pubDate' => 'desc',
                $this->set('news',  $this->paginate('GoogleNews') );
  • Here is a sample view
<?php foreach( $news as $newsItem ) : ?>
        <?php echo $html->link($newsItem['GoogleNews']['title'], $newsItem['GoogleNews']['link']); ?><br/>
        <em><?php echo $newsItem['GoogleNews']['pubDate']; ?></em>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<div class="paging">
        <?php echo $paginator->prev('<< '.__('previous', true), array(), null, array('class'=>'disabled'));?>
 |      <?php echo $paginator->numbers();?>
        <?php echo $paginator->next(__('next', true).' >>', array(), null, array('class'=>'disabled'));?>

And there you have it. Easy RSS via CakePHP.