If you are looking for a widely-used PHP framework that can work across a variety of projects, look no further than Laravel. Whether you are developing an enterprise startup or creating code for a small business website, the data is clear: that Laravel is one of today’s most popular frameworks.

If you are a PHP developer looking to hone your Laravel skills, it is essential you build a toolbox full of Laravel resources. Entrepreneurial developers within the Laravel community have created a host of helpful resources for code junkies just like you — review the following roundup to see which ones should be added to your list of helpful programming tools.


  1. Eyewitness

Eyewitness is a must-discover tool for Laravel programmers, allowing you to monitor everything from your application’s uptime to your email and queues. You can check to see if your queues are accumulating backlogs, monitor failed or pending jobs, retry server jobs remotely, and track the status of your application log files. If Laravel is your platform of choice, Eyewitness needs to be on your developer’s resource list.


  1. Talk

If you want to integrate chat or messaging features into your builds, add Talk to your list of handy tools. Talk’s features include real-time messaging, message threading, conversation tracking via conversation i.d. and/or user i.d., and thread/message pagination. Both receivers and senders can delete messages, too. As instant messaging becomes an integral part of everything from mobile apps to SaaS platforms, you will likely find yourself using Talk on an increasingly frequent basis.


  1. Laravel Cheat Sheet

If you’re going to be creating with the Laravel framework, you need the Laravel Cheat Sheet on your resource list. Laravel Cheat Sheet is a searchable list that can be searched or viewed according to topic, and it contains cheats on everything from HTML builds and inputs to configurations and routing. You might as well just add this handy tool to your browser bar; chances are pretty good you’ll be using it frequently.


  1. Laravel Test Tools

The Laravel Test Tools Chrome extension is another must-have tool for Laravel coders. This handy Chrome add-on allows you to create integration tests while you’re busy writing code. Who knew testing software on the fly was so easy?


  1. Charts

If you want to incorporate charts into your Laravel builds, make sure ConsoleTV’s Charts is on your list. With a multitude of chart libraries to pick from and 100+ chart options, you’re sure to find just the right eye candy for your Laravel builds.


Laravel programmers who build a diverse resource list with plenty of powerful tools can create code faster and build their client list simultaneously. These five Laravel resources are but a tiny sampling of the tools available to today’s programmers. What about you – what are your favorites?