Since 2007, we have been one of the top CakePHP development companies in the United States. Supporting enterprise-level apps built in the framework, we’ve helped fill a void for customers who’ve had mission-critical applications and needed 1) more support than a freelancer could offer, and 2) a support team located in the United States, both for time zone similarities and elimination of language barriers.

While CakePHP is still a great framework and we continue to utilize it, we have seen a very large adoption of the Laravel PHP framework in the United States, specifically over the past three years. Laravel’s developer community has grown significantly, with 77,000 Twitter followers, 20,000+ Slack/irc users, and 420 contributors on GitHub. As such, we have taken an interest in Laravel as well, and have found some helpful ways to hone your Laravel skills and engage with the Laravel community.


Education Tutorials, a tutorial website created by Jeffrey Way, provides a wealth of hands-on video tutorials that help a PHP developer learn not only how to use Laravel, but also advanced topics like OOP, Unit Testing, front-end Javascript frameworks, and more. The videos are professional, well-written, and well-articulated, making them very easy to comprehend. Videos range from beginner level to advanced. This is incredibly rare for a framework community to have such a wealth of information available at their fingertips.



Good documentation is key for adoption of a framework. If a developer finds a framework difficult to learn and understand, then it likely won’t stick around. Laravel has a superior online documentation portal to learn all the ins and outs of the framework, with provided examples. This resource coupled with LaraCasts is a deadly combination.



Cohesiveness is important for a framework community, and conferences serve that purpose. It brings fellow developers who are working with the same set of tools together to network, listen to informative talks, and simply get away from the daily grind. Laravel has both an EU and United States conference called Laracon. The EU and US conferences each boast a planned attendance of 600 developers in 2018.

While LoadSys has been using Laravel for over a year, our commitment to quality dictates that we do not publicize the offering until we have proven our expertise in the area. We’re happy to announce that time has come — we are now officially publicizing that we are experts in both CakePHP and Laravel, and are now scheduling slots for Laravel projects or existing Laravel project support. With a full-team of United States developers, all senior level, you will receive the same dedicated and proven support LoadSys has always provided.  


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